Stephen and I are settling in to a routine as we go about dealing with the house issues.  One night last week, I was waiting on the porch for Stephen to come outside.

I was feeling very tired and a little discouraged.  And to be truthful, I felt like summer was whizzing by and all we had done was pack,  pitch tents, and work so hard with nothing to show for our efforts.  In short I was wondering if we had made the right decision to come to Fancy Gap,VA and start Haven Farm.

Suddenly there was a BOOM!!!!!  I looked up over the trees and saw a thunderstorm —–lightning and flashing lights and BOOM BOOM BOOM!

I hadn’t missed out on fireworks at all—-God had provided a fireworks display just for Stephen and me. We sat and watched the thunderstorm over on the next mountain, but we would be nice and dry in our tent that night!

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