Breaking Rock

When we first arrived at Haven Farm  it rained.   A lot. 

And whenever the fog cleared, we could see how the water ran down the gravel drive into the basement. One time the water came so fast I thought I had left a faucet running. It was the basement filling up. The last look I had was of 3 happy frogs splashing around!

I kept muttering—-FROG means fully relying on God—–things are going to get better, but I wondered if we should consider building an ark instead of a small house.

 Our friend Lewis who grew up on the farm——the nicest man!—- advised us to try to divert the water as it ran down the drive.

So on one of the first dry and sunny days, as we waited for Dave and Val to arrive to build the house, we looked for a way to divert water. Since we knew every penny at the moment was important, we looked for materials on hand to use.

What I had thought was an herb garden was really an overgrown trailer foundation made of cinder blocks. In these pictures Stephen and I dug out the cinder blocks and threw them onto the back of the pick up. We drove  to the gravel driveway and threw them down into the low spots.

Then, using sledge hammers, we broke the rocks into smaller pieces and backed the pick up over them to pack them down firmly.

My husband is not only smart and handsome——he is really strong! He picked up his sledge hammer as if it was a toy!


He really had the hang of it!

I picked up the other sledge hammer and tried to immitate his movement. At first the hammer simply felt heavy……..bang……..

 but gradually I began to feel a rhythm and was able to use the weight of the sledge to put some power into my swing.

BANG!  I did it! 

We grinned at each other. We had finally begun the work to make Haven Farm a place of refuge and beauty.

It felt great to begin!

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