Raising the Roof

Folks have been asking for more pictures of the house. So here they are!

As you can see, we started when the weather was really hot—–80-90 degrees!  Look at my cousin Dave’s clothes. He started wearing a straw hat with his T shirt and shorts.  Then look at my husband Stephen. He is wearing an oxford collared shirt and jeans—–remember how I wrote that KS men never wear shorts?——and a feed cap.

The two looked like the beach meets the prairie!

But boy can these men work! And the interesting thing about them is they didn’t use a lot of words to communicate what needed to get done.

They did everything from lifting shingle pallets and making rafters to putting up siding to pulling wires to pounding nails and putting in screws and brackets!

And they did it 6 days a week in the heat and then in very high winds and freezing cold temperatures—-40 degrees!!!! And they never complained!!!!They are real heroes!

We started in August and it is now the third week in October.

Look at how the trees change to fall colors and notice how we wear more and more layers. It is hard to believe that in the first week in October we were wearing  hats and scarves and gloves and sweaters and two pairs of socks to stay warm!  We even built a bonfire two mornings to stay warm!

I included some pictures of the frame of the house in the late evening. If you look carefully you can see how we covered the rafters and sides with great big pieces of plastic. What a job! After working all day we were exhausted and then trying to lift or thread the plastic up and over the rafters practically killed us!  We are all in agreeement—-that was the worst job.

While I was able to help with the foundation work—–and right now I am digging trenches or covering up trenches!—–I didn’t help as much with the framing part. Mostly I used the speed square, held boards while they were getting cut, swept up debris, fetched nails, cleaned the site, kept the moldy house as clean as possible, worked in the garden, carried food and water to the site, and did a lot of laundry!

My job was to dry up any dew that formed on the house to prevent mold.  You are probably thinking —how much dew could there be?—-buckets full!

You see the dew would collect in the plastic sheets and it would get so heavy we had to use brooms and sticks to push it up over the rafters and twice we even poked a   hole in the plastic to get rid of the water!

During that time it seemed like it rained every afternoon in August. But we noticed that the water was crystal clear here at Haven Farm!

If you look at the pictures on page 6 you can see the men shaking hands on the scaffolding they built as they put in the last soffit. They grumbled about the silly pose—but I insisted! After all—-we were finally enclosed! And if worse came to worse and the wind blew harder than the 35 mph it was—we had a place to stay safe!

All in all we are grateful that God kept everyone safe from harm. Dave and Stephen have made a snug and cozy house for us!

We keep praying that God will help us move quickly as we begin the interior work!

And HE will! HE is faithful!

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