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Tenting Tonight

When we realized that the farnhouse had black mold we knew we would never live in it. But what to do next?

Mitone suggested yurts—-tents favored by Mongolians. Penny suggested log homes. Lacey offered to let us stay in her room.

After much thought we decided to build our own small house.

But where would we stay while all this was happening and all of our money was tied up until we sold the Kansas house?

We would camp!

It’ll be fun I told my husband. An adventure! You’ll love it!

That’s when I had the idea to put the tent on a platform like MASH, the TV show.

After much debate we chose the lean to next to the barn. And really, during all of those heavy summer rains—-we once had 5 inches in an afternoon and had to dig trenches for the water to run through the barn!—–the tent never got wet!!!!!

We were happy sleeping on our pallets in the tent.

Val and Dave couldn’t find housing so they camped too. You can see their tent on a tiny platform too.  They put up an umbrella and it felt like a patio party all the time over there!

Then I had to leave to work on my last Kansas gig in Iola, KS.

Although I enjoyed  the gig I was thrilled to return to Stephen and Haven Farm at the end of September.

“It’s getting cold and this is taking longer than I thought,” Stephen said. “We’re getting an airmattress!”

That night Stephen decided we would set it up right away.

“I’ll go in the tent and you stay outside,” he said. My job was to hold the extra flashlight.

That night I heard thumping and groaning and in the moonlight and shadows of the tent it seemed as if Stephen was wrestling a ferocious monster.

In the end he won.

He opened the tent flap and shouted,” Look honey! This queen sized mattress fills the whole tent—it looks like a moon bounce in here!”

We flopped on that bed and it was soft—-much better than the ground. We bounced and laughed at how it really did seem like a moon bounce.

Things were definitely looking up.

And that night we slept ever so soundly, lulled to sleep by songs of the cows and coyotes.

PS Jammin’

That last entry was written by me—Vicky.

Mitone and Penny are fabulous cooks. They even believe they can teach me to cook! Bless their foolish hearts!