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Stephen and I have moved to Haven Farm in Fancy Gap, VA from Kansas. Even as we packed and packed AND packed, we fretted that the house in Kansas hadn’t sold. We hadn’t planned to purchase the farm so quickly but when we saw how beautiful it is and that it was in our price range, we took a leap of faith!
Leap is the key word here.
You see, Kansas means “people of the south wind.”  And that means that it is hard to grow flowers in central Kansas—-they literally blow away! 
But I was determined to put out 3 tiny pots of flowers —-for curb appeal —-to sell the house. I nursed them along by keeping them in the shade of the back porch while temperatures climbed into the 100’s. Every time a prospective buyer would come, I would race around to the front and place them on the steps. Then I would lurk near by and the minute I saw the visitors leave, I would rush to put them back in the shade!
One night I was so tired from packing and I was asking God if moving was the right thing to do.  At 11 p.m. I decided to take a break and water the little pots of flowers. It was too dark to see but I managed to pour the water into the first pot. I noticed that the soil was pushed up so I tried to push it back down.
Something moved. It was soft. I figured it was an air bubble so I pushed again. It moved! Yikes!
Something hopped up my arm and onto the porch!
It was a little frog. He had dug himself a tiny hole in the flowers to cool off.
And right there, I began to cool off from fretting and worrying about the move. You see, I remembered a little saying from church that someone taught me: Frog stands for Fully Relying on God!
It was the message I needed to hear.